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Six Simple Things – Creating a More Positive Attitude

Arrrghh Winter, lack of sun!! Is anyone else struggling to keep up a happy front? Now, I understand emotions need to be expressed and that’s a whole other blog, but let’s talk about staying positive on more regular basis. Here’s my take on #SixSimpleThings to get that rolling…

1-Say Positive Things – Well now for those of us who are Saturday Night Live fans, the positive affirmation has become a bit of a joke – I’M GOOD ENOUGH & DARN IT PEOPLE LIKE ME! We all know the people that give out these positive statements nearly every time we see them, that “Ain’t it great to be alive” business. We don’t believe them and on particularly dark days, we might want to swat them! Dr. Christiane Northrup says “So mistrustful of joy are we as a society that we use the language of pain to describe it.” “So much fun I nearly died”, or “wicked good”, the list goes on. How about just “joyful” joy! It has been scientifically proven that if you spend time thinking & doing positive things – IT DOES change your brain chemistry. Be the solution you are looking for! Seriously. Let’s think of something good to say everyday. Put yourself in a place to be joyful about something daily!

2-Do Positive Things– Get up, get dressed & show up! Now I love a day on the couch in pj’s just as much as the next person but do this too much & your start to sink into the couch. Getting dressed and getting moving can often boost your mood, make it habit and things will start to change. Just put yourself in a position to start feeling better about the day – do something nice for yourself, not simply to pamper but just because…There are lots of low cost, no cost ways to boost your mood. IF you decide to spend the day on couch, commit to as a positive act, this is for me, this is what I need, it will serve me well. If that isn’t true, don’t do it!

3 -Think Positive Thoughts-I often say “my mind is a bad neighborhood at times and I try not to go there” we are all our own worst enemy at times. Just shut down Negative Nancy/Norman and think something pleasant. Make a list on paper, if you have to and read it, until it becomes easier to call it up. One my favorite things is to go on youtube & listen to babies laughing-it is contagious! Pick your favorite, and train your brain to go there. It will have a beneficial effect.

4-Practice Self Love – Hey now, not that kind of blog! Seriously, just stop doing things that are not good for you in some way. Now take baby steps on these things, start with eating cookies with your whole heart. It’s better than saying “these are making me fat” while you’re eating them.The stress alone won’t help you metabolize them. Saying negative things about yourself to yourself or out loud, will make it worse. Just stop!  I am guilty of looking in the mirror and expressing  “bleck, not so hot today sister!” I get it, but you can’t do this EVERY time. Start with a daily, “Wow” or “those eyes are nice”, or better yet, “the brain behind them is just kick ass and it it will get me through the day!”

5 Stop Hanging with Negative People – If you have the long time friend or even occasional acquaintance that just doesn’t have anything nice to say, limit your exposure to them the best you can. We all have that facebook friend that loves to share their bad day or is constantly sharing some god awful headline about a tragic event, WHY do people love the negative so much? Does it make them feel powerful to tell you all the bad stuff out there? Yup it’s there, yup sometimes life is hard, we all know this, why do we need to be reminded ALL the time. Just pack it up & send it back. Boy I am glad there are good people in the world! I endeavor to be one of them.

6 Stop Listening to the News – GASP! I know, I heard this one about 20 years ago & I was incredulous! What? Stop listening to the news? How will I know things, stay informed? Be aware? Does any of this help you? Trust me, if something REALLY important happens, someone will tell you what is going on. Constant exposure to bad news can be very defeating. Furthermore, much of what we are exposed to these days just is flat out inflated nonsense. Find something you want to have an impact upon and work on that. If you must put your energy somewhere, this is a positive thing to do.

So there’s my two cents on this topic. This, like anything else can take practice, so in keeping with the “keep it simple” theme, start with just one! Making small changes for the long term in ANY aspect of your life is the best plan, using some of these tips will help with all the many of the others too.

Cheers to your best self!

Be Well,


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