ME? A Personal Trainer? Who Knew?

Personal Trainer ME? Crazy Right? I never set out to be a personal trainer, in fact it's often a shock to my former “last one picked for the sports team” or “gym skipping” self that I spend ANY time on “fitness”. Many of the people that know me now would be shocked to...

Six Simple Things-Long Life!

My Grandmother Lived to be Over 100 & She Never Worked Out! Six Simple Things-Long Life It’s true I had grandmother & a great -grandmother who lived to be over 100 (101 & 103). In fact of the 4 adults (grandparents) from whom I descended they all lived...

Workouts and Diets and Exercise! OH MY!

Workouts and Diets and Exercise! OH MY!   Few words strike disgust, loathing and let's face it, often FEAR, into so many people than these three do: Workout, Diet, and Exercise.OH MY! Do you feel like Dorothy heading into the forest when you step into a gym? I get it,...

Chili, NY:
Chili Fitness Center
3313 Chili Avenue
Rochester, NY 14624