First Let me say Whatever type session you have booked, this is YOUR session so please Speak up!

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Why is this so important? If you want anything changed: pressure, areas worked, position or if you are too hot or too cold … speak up! You will not hurt the therapist’s feelings by asking for something that will make you more comfortable. Your therapist wants this to be the best experience for you to relax and enjoy. Also, what you requested in one session may be different in another. If you had a full body massage last time you had a session, but this time you only want your back/neck/shoulders/arms worked, it’s perfectly fine to ask.

You will enjoy your sessions so much more!

The following are questions and comments that are often posed to me. The answers may help you to navigate the massage therapy sessions, or answer questions or concerns you may have.  If you have one that is not here, PLEASE Call 585.400.0004 or email InSymmetryWellness@gmail.com

I have never had a massage before what can I expect?
If you have never had a massage before the experience can cause some initial anxiety. This does not have to be the case. For your 1st appt. arrive a few minutes early as you will be asked to fill out an information questionnaire regarding contact & some health information that are required by NYS regulation but also to help the therapist best provide the treatment that suits you & you specific requests.

Prior to the treatment you will have time to discuss any apprehensions you have, the therapist will leave the room while you dress & undress.

Most clients undress completely, as this allows complete freedom, while at the same time, the drapes allow modesty to maintain at all times. It also allows the body to experience the feeling of wholeness that massage promotes. However, massage is all about feeling safe and relaxed, so whatever boundaries are natural and appropriate for you will of course be observed. Genital areas are always covered and never touched.

You should undress to whatever point you feel comfortable with. Please discuss any concerns or questions directly.

What do you wear to a massage session?
Short answer is it doesn’t really matter. What you wear to & from the session is up to you, during the massage you are undressed (to your comfort level) and draped with a sheet/blanket, except for the areas of the body that is being worked on. Personally I wear loose clothing so post massage I have no restrictions, but often you are coming from work & bringing an extra set of clothes is cumbersome. I would recommend it however, if possible.

How often should I get a massage?
Short answer here is as much as possible! LOL…This is a question that I am asked A LOT. Standard is answer is once a month, to me that’s kind of like the oil change question, every 3000 miles right? Well it depends, how you use your car, speed racer? Did you get in an accident recently? Have body work done?

Once a month seems to be a good system for many, just be aware that issues or life or your body may make it necessary to increase this or decrease this frequency. Fact remains EVERY massage therapy session has significant health benefits, no matter the reason you booked it or how often you get them.

Why is drinking water after a massage so important?
I provide my clients with a bottle of water after a massage as MANY clients are thirsty after a session, (a sign you need water). Drinking water after a massage session is a personal decision-In recent years the idea that massage releases toxic metabolic by-products from your muscle tissue into the system has come under question. The edict was always to drink plenty of water (one or two tall glasses) after a massage helps flush these waste products from your system; otherwise, they can re-accumulate causing soreness and stiffness. So whichever side of the discussion you fall, if you are thirsty, you should drink.