Personal Trainer ME? Crazy Right?

I never set out to be a personal trainer, in fact it’s often a shock to my former “last one picked for the sports team” or “gym skipping” self that I spend ANY time on “fitness”. Many of the people that know me now would be shocked to find out that I am still slightly gym phobic and that I wish that some days I could just skip the whole thing. But it’s off to the workout I go because of the way it helps me feel.

So WHY A Personal Trainer? Simple-a quest to feel better and share what I know with others. All successful business pundits will tell you, stick to your WHY? And the rest will fall into place.
In 2008, armed with a massage license, I started my own massage therapy business (what better way to made people feel better, via amazing effects of massage therapy!) After a few years of working with clients across a wide spectrum, from world-class & professional athletes, to weekend warriors, to people who did not or could not workout, I began searching for a way to help them for the long term, all of them. It occurred to me that postural issues seemed to be at root of the many of their problems. In this quest, I stumbled across Postural Alignment Therapy (a corrective exercise program). If you’ve never heard of it you are not alone, I hadn’t either. IT is quite simply a NON-invasive, NON-medicated, home managed treatment intervention program, offering long term solutions. Too many of us suffer from posture problems, as the book of your life is written in your body, why you have specific issues is as unique as individuals themselves. Examining the body as a whole we can better understand what is going on. Postural Alignment Therapy empowers the clients to take control of their own bodies. You can heal yourself, you just need some guidance to do so.

This unique program looks at the body as an interconnected unit. Twenty-one (21) measurements on the body, including pictures, are taken. I then use these measurements, my knowledge of your situation from your intake interview and a patented software system to generate a program designed to challenge your stagnant neural pathways that are causing, pain, dysfunction or lack of symmetry in your body. Each program is unique to the individual & their specific issues.

In my daily life I am often asked what’s the best exercise, as an American College of Sports Medicine, Certified Personal Trainer, (ACSM, CPT) I know the pat answer, the drill: cardio warm up 1st, followed by strength training, and then cardio workout for maximum benefit & efficiency. What kind of workout depends on your fitness goals: build muscles, lose weight, look better-BURN BABY BURN! However, The kind of trainer I am replies: “the best workout is one you will do”. Quite simply, if you like something the more apt you are to gravitate towards it and actually DO IT! Now obviously lifting your arm from the chip bag to mouth is something many people like to do, but isn’t going to get you the desired results and being in pain doesn’t bode well for motivation either.
SO let’s talk about results.

First keep them realistic. Although I applaud personal achievement on any level, models in magazines & media don’t really look that way: ALL are computer enhanced, so stop comparing. Physique competitions arent’ something that many of us aspire to, but KUDOS to them for picking a goal 7 getting there, As for you, ask yourself “What is your WHY?”  What do you really want to achieve; weight loss, drop in blood pressure, feel better, look better or ______________(fill in your own blank) and work towards that one. For me it was feel better & BE healthier. There are many, many incredible trainers out there that can help you achieve your results. However, the kind of trainer I am, offers new possibilities for people to become the most efficient machines they can be.
My favorite way for anyone to start is with something simple! Need a suggestion? I have lots of them-start with AIR! Yes AIR! Read on
Good Luck

Cheers to your best self! 


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Sharon Perry-Ferrari LMT/CPT, is the Owner/Founder of InSymmetry Wellness, recognizing a market need, the business was founded to provide wellness management services and education to individuals, organizations and employee groups, with the goal of helping individuals achieve their best selves through the effects of massage, postural alignment exercises, and other self-care modalities. Motivated by her own personal interest in living well and feeling her best, Sharon is dedicated to helping you achieve your best self. | 585.400.0004 |
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