Self Care


As a wellness practitioner, I want you to achieve your best self. I believe in the effects of massage & postural alignment therapy to assist you in doing this. However often you need to take additional time to invest in yourself. Thus I have developed “self care” sessions that take you through methods you can do in the comfort of your home to complement other wellness programs you may be participating in.

(Sessions constitute mild exercise, please consult your physician before starting a new exercise program.)


Foam Rolling Tutorial

Foam Rolling can be a powerful therapeutic tool for self care. A foam roller is a simple tool used to increase circulation, treat trigger points or loosen muscles & tendons. Using a foam roller is the perfect complement to massage therapy for maintaining tissue flexibility. At this session a staff member will take you through the proper use technique to maximize your results.

45-minute session: $40


Stretching Sessions

How do I stretch________? In this 30-minute session, you can address key areas of concerns, finding ways to keep tight areas more limber for best gains in movement and flexibility.

30-minute session: $35


Foam Rolling Workout

Want to learn a new at-home workout? Maybe you have one already & use your foam roller to keep muscles loose or MAYBE you’ve never heard of it. Either way, this one-on-one session teaches you a new workout routine for any fitness level, tailored to your needs, using this wonderful wellness tool!

60-minute session: $50


Additional Services: call 585.400.0004 or email thrive@insymmetrywellness.com for information regarding any of the following:

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • ONSITE-Chair Massage Programs
  • ON SITE-Foam Rolling Tutorials or Workout Training
  • Improving “Chair Body” Stretches for office
  • Deskercises
  • What is Postural Alignment? Presentations

Gift certificates available for any service or denomination upon request or can be purchased online.

On-site chair massages are billed at $75 per hour  



Clients are given upper body massages while fully clothed, in specially designed massage chairs. Great for parties, showers, book group, offices, etc.


In-your-home table massages additional $40 charge in addition treatment fee

(Not all treatments available in your home),

Therapist brings the luxury of Swedish, Deep tissue, or Maternity Massage to your home, allowing to relax post treatment in the comfort of your own home.


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