Yes without oxygen we will die! But let's take a look at 6 simple things that have the optimal amount of oxygen can do for you

6 Simple Benefits of increasing the number of deep breaths you takeI had to begin my 6 simple things to BE better, with the most basic & simple thing, the place where all of us began, that welcome to the world, that 1st gulp of air, life, seconds after we entered the world, literally the breath of life. Yes without oxygen we will die! But let’s take a look at 6 simple things that having the optimal amount of oxygen can do for you.*

  1. Improved Physiological Function — better respiration, digestion, lymph flow, circulation. WOW this sounds like a miracle drug. If anyone said “I can do all those things for you,” people would sign up & buy it in droves! Believe it or not, being properly respirated can do ALL these things for you. Improved respiration: the lungs, like any muscle when properly flexed and exercised, improve in function. Digestion: all it takes is 3 deep breaths to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the rest & digest reflex.  Blood flow: deep breaths not only move blood to places that need it with greater ease, but producing healthy red blood cells is dependent upon how much oxygen is available. Lymph? We have all heard of this, but what it does is too complex for a simple blog. Know that simply, a high concentration of nodes are located around the diaphragm and that taking a deep breath swiftly moves lymph fluid about, activating this amazing system, nourishing, clearing & bolstering all the body’s systems.
  2. Improved muscle functions — muscle contractions like all other body functions are just electro-chemical reactions. Having a good muscle structure can make you a much more powerful and productive machine, well-oiled machine as it were. They need the chemicals to grow and function.
  3. Greater immune system — why sometimes do we get a cold & others not? It’s really all about your immune system, how well can it withstand the attack, having all the aforementioned benefits (respiration, digestion, lymph flow, circulation, muscle function) we are better equipped to fend off an attack.
  4. Look better – Ask any respiratory specialist & they will tell you people with diminished oxygen levels have a certain look, depending on the their complexion, the exact color? Well that’s hard to pin down. Regardless, it’s a color that viable humans should not be. We love the healthy look. It sells things by the droves. How much healthier can you get than a ruddy oxygenated skin tone? For a more tangible reason, than just look? Proper oxygen increases the amount of collagen produced, slows down the process of aging and makes you look healthier.
  5. Mental acuity – brain functions require the right amount of muscle balance and chemicals for maximum capacity and potency, plain and simple. Breathe in clarity, literally!
  6. Emotional well being  calm your nerves. I think often we ignore our biology, we are a bundle of neurotransmitters & chemical reactions that require a delicate balance of ingredients to complete a series of physiological reactions. I am astounded daily that they all go, oh so well, all day long! Emotions are no different, having the proper chemical balance in your tissues, often can have an effect on how emotions are experienced or the effect they have on your body & mind. A few more deep breaths a day will do much to improve your health, that alone with increase your well being.

YES — it is that simple, your path to health and wellness is in your control, easily done. Start with trying to take 10 extra deep breaths a day. Each time you look at the clock and the hour has changed, stop take a deep breath, in for 6 out for 6 and reap all of its benefits!



*items here are intended for entertainment and information, should be not be substituted for medical advice, health concerns should be directed to qualified medical personnel

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