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Six Simple Things-Ways to Improve Your Health

Here we go! A new year has begun! A friend recently asked me “What is it about ushering the new year that us want to change our lives?” Some of it is-I suppose the end of a season, the  beginning of new one or the spare time we have after getting rid of that part time job called “the holidays”  or for some getting rid of that spare tire we picked up over the holidays (or we had there to start!) Regardless, if this isn’t your 1st go around with new years resolutions or vowing to lose weight or live better or whatever, you are not alone. People make promises, join gyms, start programs, you name it, in overwhelming numbers this time of year. Typically, about 3 weeks in the enthusiasm & effort wains. My suggestion for you is to try and change your purpose & attitude with regard to it all, simply vow to be healthier as an investment in yourself. Just invest, daily, did you get where are in your job, your finances, home improvements, etc all at once? Or did you accomplish it piecemeal?

Most things take time & energy to complete, why then do we think our wellness can be accomplished all at once?

Sometimes a simple change in the way we look at something or think about it can make all the difference. SO as an investment in yourself let’s start with 6 Simple Things to Improve Your Health, and for further success don’t try to do them ALL at once!

1 Take More Deep Breaths-I wasn’t kidding when I said this would be simple, no equipment needed! Take a deep breath! You’ve done it,  started on your path to improve your health. Seriously most of us just don’t breathe well, think about how your spend most of your day, is this a position that would allow for proper breathing, how can your lungs expand & help you body operate at its best without this most basic of things-good air. How will this help? Well to start it will activate your parasympathetic nervous system to create a greater sense of well being, among other things like improved immune function, greater mental acuity & improved muscle function-get the full story

2 Drink More Water– You can’t get any more simple than this, AIR & WATER! I wrote an entire blog about the benefits of being properly hydrated & I often mention to clients it’s one of the easiest ways to improve your health simply & right now. I am amazed at the number times people say, “oh I don’t drink water” or “I hate water”. Really? Invest in yourself, easily, figure out a way to make it work, add fruit, get a pretty bottle, make it fun! You will be amazed at all the benefits!

3 Sleep Better-This might be a tough one for many of you, however the ultimate benefits are astounding, and tough to ignore- better memory, longer life, better heart function, reduced inflammation, assistance with healthy weight maintenance. If this one is problem for you, you might want to start here, you can weather anything better if you’ve a good night’s sleep!

4 Stretch Daily-What happens when you wake up, if you are like me your body instinctively stretches to its full capacity, you yawn taking in oxygen and you stretch, long & completely. Your body WANTS to move, this initial waking stretch expands & feeds all of your muscles & joints, nourishing them with all the good things that are already in your body. It makes perfect sense to do this more often, best success for this is put into an existing routine, each time you go into the bathroom or get up to get something from the printer, etc, there has to be something you do regularly that you can add some simple stretches to to ensure it gets incorporated into your life. (for tips on this click her)

5 Sit up Straight– Do yourself a BIG favor and try and sit up without an improper curve in your spine, this is variation on stretch daily, I know. I also know there is a lot variation as to what “experts” think is the best posture. My personal favorite is the best posture is the next one or in other words always keep moving! Realistically many of us have jobs where we have to sit for long periods, making sure that your seated posture is the best it can be during those periods, will go a long way to helping you operate at your maximum efficiency with less wear & tear on your body. An easy way to retrain your body is: everytime you look at the clock and the hour has changed, check how you are sitting & adjust. It may eventually become 2nd nature. Want more info how to improve your posture or increasing your ease of motion-check out postural alignment therapy!

6 Meditate– You shut your phone or your computer down every once in awhile to help it run better, why not you? Overwhelming scientific evidence exists that this practice can be beneficial. There are also hundreds of blogs on the best way to accomplish this, find one that works for you!

You’ve got lot of potential in that body of yours and it’s doing it’s best to keep your running smoothly, imagine if you helped it along, just a bit! Picking just one of these will be a great investment in YOU!

Cheers to your best self!

Be Well,


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