I am a HUGE fan of KISS, no not the band, the KISS principle #KeepItSimpleSilly! Sometimes the things I do, seem sooo simple I think everyone MUST know them. Well maybe you DO know them and/or do them, and you are not giving yourself credit or worse yet, maybe you think something so simple can’t possibly make a difference! Regardless of your thinking, putting them down & sharing them is simple, so why not share? This page is fun way to look at simple things you can do to improve your life. Hopefully they can assist you in even the smallest way, if you didn’t think that these SIMPLE small things could make a difference, look again.* So here goes — your path to #wellness may just depend on #sixsimplethings!

*items here are intended for entertainment and information, should be not be substituted for medical advice, health concerns should be directed to qualified medical personnel.

Six Simple Things-Long Life!

My Grandmother Lived to be Over 100 & She Never Worked Out! Six Simple Things-Long Life It’s true I had grandmother & a great -grandmother who lived to be over 100 (101 & 103). In fact of the 4 adults (grandparents) from whom I descended they all lived...

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