Workouts & Diets & exercise oh MY

Workouts and Diets and Exercise! OH MY!  

Few words strike disgust, loathing and let’s face it, often FEAR, into so many people than these three do: Workout, Diet, and Exercise.OH MY! Do you feel like Dorothy heading into the forest when you step into a gym? I get it, these words conjure up images of hard work, deprivation and feelings of inadequacy. It’s hard getting to the gym. You’re self conscious about how you look and what to do. It takes time away from things that are important to you. And (gasp!) you have to give up brownies! Who would want that? Not me!

We all have that one person in our lives who LOVES to workout, or has figured out, it seems, how to easily incorporate it all into their life, seamlessly. Well believe it or not, that’s not me.

I am huge fan of keeping things simple when it comes to my wellness. To others, what seems like a complicated process and a lot of effort on my part, has been a series small changes that I have incorporated into my life over many years. My entire plan began with a VERY simple change in attitude towards the way I looked at diet, exercise and working out. I simply vowed to be dedicated to investing in myself and nourishing my body, and most importantly, keeping it simple. I LOVE how this makes me feel.

If your first mistake is making this all seem like CHORE that you need to accomplish (rather than a gift you are providing to yourself), then the second mistake is doing too much at once. How many of you have said “I have to overhaul my life” or “On Monday I’m gonna go on a diet, workout and get myself together” or something to that effect? Too many people take this approach. Rather than overhauling my diet and exercising more ALL AT ONCE, I started out small with one or two changes: drinking more water each day & eating more veggies. (At first the veggies were covered in LOTS of cheese sauce – I love me some cheese!).

However, this small change, of being properly hydrated & nourishing my body, ultimately lead me to feel better & lose weight without trying (I know you want to swat people when they say that, but it’s true).

The next step I took was to take more deep breaths daily & moving my body more: something simple like dancing to my favorite music while cooking! At first, I had to set a reminder to take a deep inhale, but after a bit it became a habit that I looked forward to doing: it was a space where I was investing in myself with each step & inhalation. The entire process was about adding things to my life incrementally, instead of depriving & taking things away. Important to note it was months between 1st & 2nd steps!

The last thing is remember to be kind to yourself. This simple plan and I are far from perfect. I stopped and started many things, over and over. But each time there was a process I put in place and progress was made, from which I was able to build.

Return your thoughts to investing in your wellness, rather going back to “not being bad.” Most things take time and energy to complete, so why then do we think our wellness can be accomplished all at once? Just pick one thing to change and stick to it for a bit, then add another!

Follow the yellow brick road, as they say, one small brick at a time! 

one step at a time

one step at a time

Cheers to your best Self!  Be Well,    Sharon

*items here are intended for entertainment and information, should be not be substituted for medical advice, health concerns should be directed to qualified medical personnel.

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