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A Few of My Favorite Things-Sorry no crisp apple strudel!

Finding your #WellnessWay!

My job/life as a movement professional and wellness enthusiast gives me the incredible privilege to interact with a varied population of amazing people. My client base’s wildly diverse demographics have one common denominator: A quest to feel better or achieve their best possible self for their own situation. They would also like to achieve this is the easiest way possible. I couldn’t agree more #Keepitsimplesilly #investinyourself

Here are some product links of items I use to simplify my quest, I keep this list mainly for reference, I do receive a very small commission if you use my link, mainly its for you to review. 

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Cheers to you BEST SELF

(the following information is meant to inform & entertain, it should not constitute medical advice, please consult your primary care professional before beginning any diet/exercise program)

Non-medicated pain relief
Have been using mine for years

What do I need this for? LOTS of good things come from foam rolling-read all about it

Have  a foam roller & want to increase ways to make it work for you
This book is great resource

IF you love Sombra buy it in bulk!

I use air pooped popcorn w/ olive oil & sea salt as a healthy snack, these toppings give it some extra flavor if I need it on occasion

I try to eat lots of veggies, this spiral cutter makes it fun!

Wake up with a stiff neck? Perfect for taking the edge off the pain so you can stretch & move to engage your bodies’ own fluid to loosen the tightness!

Max Lugavere,
thought leader
his podcasts and books are game-changers

I’m a big fan of simple ways to stay in shape these bands are light, affordable & easy to use

lightweight, affordable, versatile
working out just cant get any easier!

Great low carb snack

This is my new favorite snack!